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ESP/ESC for Straight Truck Applications

Although Electronic Stability Program (ESP)/Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is not required on straight trucks yet, it has become an attractive feature for customers looking to improve the safety of their vehicles. ESP/ESC is available on straight trucks that meet certain specification criteria, but sometimes these requirements can be difficult to determine.

The guidelines for ESP/ESC are generally determined by key components in the truck. When building a spec for a customer who is interested in ESP/ESC, special attention is needed when choosing the drive configuration, wheel base, brakes, axles and steering componentry. These guidelines can be found on DealerNet under application guidelines in the Kenworth ESP Approvals excel document. If your particular truck spec falls under “Needs Validation” criteria, an OAR is needed for approval of the ESP/ESC system. More information about ESP/ESC is also available in Dealer Bulletin TE-2194. (U.S.; Canada)

If you need further assistance in ordering a straight truck with ESP/ESC, contact the Sales/Application Engineering team via email at or by calling 425- 828-5999.