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Extending TruckTech+ Subscriptions

Kenworth TruckTech+ Remote Diagnostics subscriptions can now be extended beyond the two-year period provided with base engine warranty on heavy duty models and the initial two-year optional subscription period on medium duty models. Purchasing extended subscriptions upfront will save your customer time and money, as the new options cost less than renewing manually at the end of the two-year period.

Subscription extensions for TruckTech+ are offered in increments ranging between 30 and 60 months. MX-powered heavy duty units also will be able to extend the use of OTA Updates to match their extended subscription length. These different increments allow your customer flexibility to match their subscription to their truck life cycle.

Only one subscription code can be applied on an order. The codes may be applied to Chassis Final Bill only and will not be available for retail purchase after final bill.

For Medium Duty Trucks: When sales code 8700663 (TruckTech+) is selected, the 24-month subscription code will be applied to the order. The subscription duration can then be extended by selecting the sales code for the desired extension period, which will then replace the default selection. Note: Diagnostic Subscription fees are not included in Extended Warranty coverage plans for Medium Duty models. Customers who wish to extend their subscription after final bill can follow the Subscription Renewal Process published on ePortal OR contact PeopleNet directly at (877) 244-4517.

See bulletin TE2415 (U.S.; Canada) for more information and pricing.

For Heavy Duty Trucks: All subscriptions greater than 24 months are not available when MX or Cummins Extended Warranty is applied to the order. Please note that the 30-month extended subscription for Heavy Duty vehicles provides six month of extra coverage over the standard warranty. See bulletin TE2410 (U.S.; Canada) for more information and pricing.

About TruckTech+ TruckTech+ analyzes engine and aftertreatment fault codes and alerts vehicle drivers, Fleet Operations Managers and dealerships once a fault is triggered and provides details about the code and recommended actions. Customers with TruckTech+ can view their fleet’s health status at any time through the PACCAR Solutions web portal. MX-powered heavy duty trucks with TruckTech+ also have the ability to utilize Over-the-Air (OTA) Updates to keep their software up to date.