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Frame Access Package Requirements

Frame access. It's all or nothing. Frame access means once you have steps, you will need to code for a grab handle andeck plate. You can add these options when you select the steps and hit the green "edit" button in PremierSpec.

Alternatively, you can have a fifth wheel but not code for any of these three items. If you add a frame-mounted step or other steps more than 14" from the closest grab handle mounting position, you will need to add a grab handle (i.e. 6418508) attached to a tool box, battery box, or ladder step.

Finally, with fairings that have a built-in step, you may be wondering what to do. Since there is no step showing, you will need to select the battery box to display frame access components. Selecting the battery box will display the green "edit" button where you can choose grab handles and desired deck plates. As always, feel free to reach us at 425-828-5999 and