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Greenhouse Gas Update

Phase 2 GHG regulations will implement starting January 1, 2021.

Since 2014 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) regulations have been in place and helping to reduce emissions. Kenworth is building hard-working vehicles to meet these regulations. Looking to the future, Phase 2 GHG regulations will implement starting January 1, 2021. This is another step in instituting more stringent requirements and includes reducing CO2 emissions in medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. Phase 2 will reduce emissions an additional 6% to 14% over the current Phase 1 regulations.

In order to lead the industry in meeting and exceeding GHG emissions requirements, Kenworth will inform and educate our customer and dealer base as the new regulations get closer to implementation. Kenworth will also continue to incorporate enhanced engine and vehicle technologies which reduce GHG emissions and increase fuel efficiency. The net benefit is reduced customer operating costs through lower fuel consumption, less GHG emissions and a cleaner environment for all.

In the third quarter of this year, dealer and customer communications will be launched to outline specifically how Phase 2 requirements can be accomplished through spec’ing more efficient and effective technologies. Please be sure to look for and review these resources as they become available.

In the meantime, you can learn more about current and upcoming GHG regulations by visiting the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations overview page.