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Highlighting the Benefits of the PACCAR 12-Speed Transmission

The PACCAR 12-Speed Transmission has been available for a few years and has gained recognition from customers for its solid performance and intuitive operation. Now is a good time for a refresher on all the benefits this 12-speed transmission can bring to your customers.

The PACCAR 12-Speed Transmission is a great option for any customer looking to optimize their performance and fuel economy. It’s part of the PACCAR Powertrain package and was designed from the ground up to work with the PACCAR MX engine and axles.

If you are meeting with a customer who may be interested in the PACCAR Transmission, walk through some of the benefits with them and highlight those that best meet your customer’s needs. For example, if your customer is focused on fuel economy, highlight the optimized gear selections and integrated predictive features. If your customer is weight sensitive, remind them that the PACCAR Transmission is the lightest in its class, thanks to a weight-saving aluminum housing and coolerless lubrication system.

But don’t stop there. Make sure your customers understand the full benefits that come from the PACCAR Transmission, including:

  • Simplified maintenance: The first lube change interval is at 750,000 miles and only requires 16 pints of oil.

  • Built-In reliability: The transmission fluid pressure sensor notifies the driver of low oil conditions to prevent gear burn up. The electrical system is fully encased, which minimizes exposure and corrosion.

  • Best overall gear ratio coverage: Includes two reverse gears for excellent low speed maneuverability

  • Neutral coast: Disengages the driveline on slight downhill grades to further optimize fuel savings

  • Column-Mounted Shifter: Intuitive to use and helps drivers keep both hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road

  • Excellent warranty coverage: Five years / 750,000 miles for the transmission, and three years / 350,000 miles for the clutch

  • Driver recruitment and retention: Running an automatic transmission is easier to operate and helps fleets expand their pool of recruits. The intelligent shifting of the PACCAR Transmission helps new drivers reach their optimal performance sooner.

In addition to these features, Kenworth recently expanded the application guidelines for the PACCAR Transmission, opening it up to construction and refuse vocations. If you have a customer who meets the new updated guidelines in TE2224, introduce them to the PACCAR Transmission. Let them see first-hand the benefits of the full PACCAR Powertrain – whether paired with an MX-13 or the lighter weight MX-11.

If it’s been awhile since you read up on the PACCAR Transmission, then take a look at the full brochure HERE. Your customers will appreciate your knowledge of how the PACCAR Transmission will benefit their business.