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How to Share Quotes with Sales Engineering

Need support from Sales Application Engineering in reviewing or working through compatibility issues on your specification? To get the fastest turn around, send an .XML file of your spec to the team at 

Sending an .XML file generates a quicker response by eliminating the time required by the Sales Application Engineering team to find, open and export your spec in PremierSpec. There is no need to share your spec unless you are working through a PremierSpec compatibility issue where the team may need to review PremierSpec rules and logic. You do not need to send an .XML file if you are looking for help completing your spec. 

The following are examples of areas where providing an .XML file (instead of a shared Spec) is helpful:

  • Driveline Series Checks
  • Speed Grade Reviews
  • Frame Height and Frame Rake Calculations
  • Ground Clearance Checks
  • Overall Height Calculations
  • Startability Reviews
  • Overall Width Calculations 

How to Generate an .XML File

On the quote screen in PremierSpec, select the Actions pull down menu and select Export XML. Then simply email that file to Again, this will save you and the Sales Application Engineering team time trying to share, copy and open your PremierSpec file.