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Kenworth K270E/K370E

Introducing Kenworth’s Zero-Emissions Battery-Electric Trucks

Kenworth recently announced its upcoming K270E Class 6 and K370E Class 7 battery-electric vehicles. The zero-emissions cabover trucks are equipped with a Dana-designed e-Powertrain system that is fully integrated and upfitted to the Kenworth chassis.  

The K270E and K370E vehicles are configured as a direct drive system and utilize a Spicer® Electrified™ e-propulsion system, standard Dana drive axle and driveshaft. Dana also supplies an e-power system, which generates, stores and manages energy for the vehicle and consists of electrified auxiliary systems, an on-board charger and two battery packs. Dana-developed software and controls enable the diagnostics and telemetry of the complete system.  

The electric powertrain will deliver up to a 200-mile range with zero emissions. The high-energy density battery packs can be recharged in about an hour using the vehicle’s DC fast-charging system, making the Kenworth K270E and K370E cabovers ideal for local pickup and delivery, as well as short regional haul operations. Additional truck specs include: 







GVWR (lbs) 






Horse Power 



Chassis Weight (lbs) 



Wheel Bases (in) 

206, 218, 274 

Body Lengths (ft) 

24, 26, 30 


The K270E was initially unveiled in January at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV. It has also been showcased at the 2020 Dealer Meeting and demoed for various customers throughout the U.S. 

K270E/K370E Production 

The K270E and K370E air-braked cab/rolling chassis will be produced at KenMex (not a glider), and the electric powertrain will be installed by Dana at one of their upfitting facilities in Mexicali, Texas or Arizona. 

Kenworth will provide up to 100 pre-production units to customers this year, and full production will start in the first quarter of 2021. Pricing is currently under development and will be announced prior to start of production. 

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