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Kenworth PremierSpec Turns One

I remember like it was yesterday. It was April 29, 2019, the day PremierSpec launched. Well, maybe it was more like the day it went viral since PremierSpec was in the making for almost four years. In April 2019, the first dealers began relying solely on PremierSpec for all of their quote/order activity.

Now that Prospector has rode off into the sunset and PremierSpec has celebrated its first birthday, I thought it would be a good time to look back at the last year. Yes, the launch of PremierSpec had a few bumps along the way, but that's no surprise considering how complex the tool is and how many functions have been integrated into it. A lot of feedback has been received in the last year (12,469 emails to the PremierSpec inbox to be exact). The PremierSpec team has done a great job quickly fielding your questions and responding to your feedback. As a result, a lot of work went into the tool over the last 12 months. Here are some highlights:

Sales Code Footnotes: Ever wonder what restrictions/requirements apply to a sales code? There's an app for that! The Sales Code Footnotes button on the top right corner of the configurator is your access to everything you wanted to know about a sales code and more.

Kenworth Signature Specs: Don't like starting a base model configuration with all standard options? Kenworth Signature Specs are the solution. 

Image-in that! You might have found some of the sales code images handy. There were 1230 sales codes images added to PremierSpec last year. These images help you and your customers know exactly what content a sales code represents. And we're not done yet! We are continuing to add images and have improved the Kenworth Engineering design process to include images of new content as it is released.

Marketing and Training Content: Need help understanding content or need information to help sell to the customer? PremierSpec houses 350 pieces of marketing and training content to help you out. You can access product brochures, videos, training modules, websites and more all from within PremierSpec.

Enhanced NPO Work Screen: The NPO work screen has the same functionality as PROSPECTOR, but with more messaging to help guide users to submitting complete OARs. This make the OAR process faster and helps avoid having to submit multiple requests due to missing or incomplete information.

What’s New: Need to know What's New with PremierSpec? The What's New screen was added to the configurator as a place where you can get information on the latest changes to content in PremierSpec.

Kenworth News: The Kenworth News page was added to provide easy access to stories and articles relevant to the industry and truck spec’ing.

Frame Layout Report: The frame layout report was created to list frame-mounted components and visually illustrate their locations. The report can be included in the custom presentation package you put together for your customer.

Extended Warranty: Extended Warranty options automatically filter down to display only options applicable to configuration. No more having to scroll through hundreds of codes to find what you need.

Dynamic images: Imagery covering Kenworth's product offering, including twin-steer configuration, helps produce an accurate spec for your customer.

The PremierSpec team is continuously working to provide improvements and enhancements to the sales tool based on the feedback you provide. Our software partners at ITD and Experlogix are continuing to work to make improvements to the backend software. We’re all dedicated to making the PremierSpec experience the best it can be from a sales and marketing perspective. With a web-based platform, we have the flexibility to improve and build up our system for years to come.