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Maximizing Customer Uptime with TruckTech+

Kenworth TruckTech+ Remote Diagnostics has been streamlining the way Kenworth dealerships and customers are approaching vehicle health monitoring, diagnostics and repair support for increased uptime and productivity. And as of recently, MX-powered heavy duty trucks equipped with TruckTech+ also have the ability to utilize Over-the-Air (OTA) Updates to keep their software up to date anytime and anywhere. 

TruckTech+ subscriptions will soon be able to be extended beyond the two-year period provided with base engine warranty on heavy duty models and the initial two-year optional subscription period on medium duty models. Optional subscription extensions for TruckTech+ will be offered in increments ranging between 30 and 60 months. MX-powered heavy duty units also will be able to extend the use of Over-the-Air Updates to match their extended subscription length. Options for extending TruckTech+ subscriptions will be available in PremierSpec starting May 11, 2020. 

In addition to encouraging extended subscriptions, there are other ways your dealership can help customers maximize the benefits of TruckTech+. Below are a few helpful reminders: 

PACCAR Solutions Dashboard:

  • Identify and contact customers requiring support within your area
  • Track precise locations and vehicle health of fleets managed by your location
  • Filter trucks in your dashboard by individual dealer location, dealer regions and overall dealer group
  • Monitor the software status of customers with MX-powered heavy duty trucks via the software dashboard

PACCAR Solutions Detail View:

  • Review fault codes and begin triage work prior to arrival at your dealership
  • Use fault codes to quickly determine a service plan
  • Verify parts availability and get required parts on order

PACCAR Solutions Customer Activation:

  • Ensure all customer accounts are activated
  • Ensure all customers with MX-powered units equipped with TruckTech+ are enabling their trucks so they can take advantage of OTA for future software updates


  • Ensure your TruckTech+ administrator and service teams are up to speed by reviewing related training materials on DealerNet.