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Maximizing Performance with the PACCAR MX-11

The PACCAR MX-11 engine is perfect for customers looking to maximize weight savings and efficiency. The MX-11 provides a balance of optimum performance, reliability, and durability. It is made from the same lightweight compacted graphite iron as the PACCAR MX-13, a material that is both stronger and lighter than gray cast iron.  

The MX-11 offers ample low-end power for applications requiring 430 or less horsepower. With several ratings to choose from, the MX-11 is worth consideration when generating a new quote with a customer. For example, if a customer normally specs an MX-13, suggest they test out an MX-11-powered unit. They will see the benefits first hand. 

With a peak torque at 900 RPM, the MX-11 delivers the lowest peak torque in the industry. This ensures accessible power and less shifting on grades. Furthermore, a lower RPM translates to better fuel economy for your customer! 

For customers running a vocational application, the MX-11 can be equipped with a PTO. The MX-11 delivers accurate and consistent speed control and the flexibility drivers need to tackle each job with confidence. Using the Engine Programming Workscreen in PremierSpec, you can configure the PTO controls to meet your customer’s needs.  

In addition to fuel economy improvements, MX-11 also offers extended oil and fuel filter change intervals of 75,000 miles. This is a significant cost savings over the life of the vehicle. The MX-11 also comes standard with TruckTech+ Remote Diagnostics and Over-the-Air Update capability. All new MX-11 engines come standard with a two-year/ 250K-mile warranty that includes a two-year subscription to TruckTech+. When discussing the MX-11 with your customer, it’s important to sell them on the entire suite of benefits and not just the engine.  

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