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Maxwell Ultracapacitor Engine Start Module

More customers are focused on increasing uptime in their vehicles. One of the ways you can help improve a customer’s uptime is by recommending an Engine Start Module (ESM) to pair with their batteries.

The ESM takes the place of a battery and is used solely for starting the truck. This works best for customers who are spending a lot of time starting and stopping their trucks. Customers who are looking for increased capacity should not spec an ESM.

Regardless of the battery state of charge, the ESM will start the engine, and it only requires a recharge time of 15 minutes. If you have pickup and delivery customers complaining of too-frequent jumpstarts, then recommend they look into the ESM. Additionally, the ESM comes with a four-year supplier warranty. These benefits will give your customer the peace of mind they are looking for.

The ESM replaces one battery, and can be spec’d with up to three batteries depending on the customer’s needs. The ESM is limited to driver’s side, under-cab battery boxes only. The Maxwell ESM fares well in extreme temps and is proven to start in temperatures ranging from -40°F to +149°F. This is an added perk for customers running in more extreme climates.

View TE2034 (U.S. Canada) for more information on the Maxwell ESM.