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OAR/NPO Work Screen Tips

To speed up the order process and ensure truck orders are error free, PremierSpec users need to pay careful attention to the OAR/NPO work screen. One area that presents issues in our back-end processes is the use of reference and dummy codes when users want to NPO required components such as engines or transmissions. Correct reference codes are important because they let the assembly plants know that users are ordering a non-published replacement for a component and not, in fact, two of the same component.

The following example illustrates the steps for adding a non-published engine:

  1. Go to the Engine category and add an engine to the spec that most closely matches in features to the one the user desires to NPO. Once added…
  2. Open the OAR/NPO work screen
  3. When the first line appears, click the “+ ADD NONPUBLISHED OPTION LINE” menu
  4. Three sections will appear. Enter the reference sales code in the middle section titled “Sales Code Being Replaced”. In this instance, the user would take the sales code for the engine they just selected and type it into the field in the middle section.
  5. Under the “Requested Sales Code” section, enter a dummy code for the desired replacement component in the “Sales Code” field and then write in the specific component on the “Description” field.

In this example, entering a proper reference sales code lets our systems know that a component is being NPO’d and to not place two engines on an order.

Using Dummy Codes

If the user is trying to get around PremierSpec conditions of use for published sales codes, then they may need to create a dummy code. For example, if both a rear axle and rear suspension are published, but PremierSpec does not allow them to be used together, the user could ask for the combination by using a dummy code NPO. They would first select the published axle sales code and then request the suspension via NPO. However, since published sales codes cannot be entered as a NPO, the user would need to make up a dummy sales code number for the suspension in the requested sales code field, enter the actual suspension code and its description in the “Description” field and reference a very similar published suspension so only one suspension is included on the order.

A helpful tip is to use the same prefix for the sales codes so that the requested code and the reference code appear next to each other on various reports. For example, if the engine sales code is 0700686, the user’s dummy code should be 0700999.

Other Helpful Tips


Currently PremierSpec does not require completion of the “Justification” section on the OAR/NPO work screen. However, we recommend that users fill out this section if there is additional information that would be helpful. It is a small additional step, but it could mean that an unnecessary phone call is avoided and generally may speed up the order process.

Complete OARs Exclusively through PremierSpec

The traditional method of submitting OARs through a form on DealerNet will soon be going away. To streamline the order process and speed things up, we strongly encourage all users to completely switch over to using PremierSpec for submitting their OARs and NPOs.

As always, users should feel free to submit their feedback and concerns to