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Selling PACCAR Engines in the Secondary Market

PACCAR Powertrain products are relatively new to the market but as we build a larger share of new trucks with PACCAR Engines and Transmissions, it’s only natural that you’ll begin to see more PACCAR products on the secondary market. Below are some talking points when the topic of selling PACCAR Powertrain equipped pre-owned trucks comes up.

Highly Durable – With a B10 life of 1 million miles, 90 percent of PACCAR Engines will not need an overhaul before 1 million miles. The B10 life primarily refers to line haul applications.

Low Cost of Service – PACCAR Engines offer the industry’s best service intervals, with oil changes required every 75K miles with normal line haul applications.

Factory Warranty For Second Owners – Through the Certified Pre-Owned Program, you can offer your customers up to two years/250K miles of factory Engine/Aftertreatment Warranty.

Longest Oil Change Interval – The PACCAR Transmission has the longest oil change interval for linehaul applications: 750,000 miles.

Kenworth recently hosted a webinar through the Used Truck Association about the benefits and features of PACCAR Engines and the PACCAR 12 Speed Automated Transmission. The feedback we received was great, and we are currently looking for other opportunities to offer training at the dealer level.

If you would like the opportunity to learn more about the Certified Pre-Owned program or the features and benefits of the PACCAR Engine/Transmission, please contact Bo Johnson at or 901-562-5006 to schedule a webinar with your sales team.