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T270 Class 6 GVWR Derates

Derates are rating modifications you can use to keep your T270 spec rated as a Class 6 vehicle with the added benefit of including heavier-rated axles. You may have a customer who runs refrigerated boxes, wreckers or roll-offs, to name a few, and their needs call for specific load distributions requiring the front or rear axles to carry more weight than the standard Class 6 spec allows. To solve these challenges, you can use a Rating Modification (derate) sales code to choose the best front/rear axle combination for your customers’ load distribution needs. 

There are certain conditions of use that need to be met in order for your spec to qualify for a derate:

  • Axle ratings adding up to 30,000/31,000 pounds can be derated to 26,000 pounds.
  • For use only with air braked T270 without 19.5” tires/rims
  • Requires 16.5”x5” front and 16.5”x7” rear brakes with 3030 spring brakes
  • Components, including tires/rims must be specified to meet front and rear GAWR
  • 13.2K Steering Gear required

The chart below provides a quick reference to finding the derate modification that’s right for your customer.